Stan Reeser

Wichita USD 259 Board of Education

My name is Stan Reeser, and I am running for re-election to continue the fight for effective public schools. I am running to continue improving the School Districts’ graduation rate and to fight for more opportunities for our students to graduate with job readiness training. I am running to fight to keep our teachers, improve student behavior issues, and improving transparency on behalf of our students, their families, and our staff.

Fighting for Effective Public Education

4 years ago I was elected to School Board to fight for our students, staff, and public schools. During that time, we’ve increased our graduation rate by 6%, improved early education reading scores, and significantly invested in staff pay and benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about my solutions for the Wichita School Board, please visit my issues page.

Future Ready Opportunities

We’ve made improvements in graduation rates; I will fight to keep this
trend while improving college credit and internship opportunities

Teacher Retention

Our education professionals deserve respect. I will continue to fight
for better school safety, compensation, and mental health resources

Strategic 5-Year Plan

It’s time for the School Board to draft a new 5-year plan. I will use
my experience and leadership to fight for effective public education


The Leadership Our Public Schools Need Right Now

About Stan Reeser

Stan served on the Wichita City Council from 1991-1995, has been on the School Board since 2017, and served as President of the School Board for 2 years. He has a proven track record of serving and leading during extremely trying times. We need his continued leadership on the School Board.

While on the School Board, Stan has fought to increase the graduation rate, increase early education reading levels, and given teachers and staff the most substantial compensation increases in 7 years.

About USD 259 District 4

District 4 Boundaries

Generally speaking, USD 259 District 4 is bound,

on the north, by Kellogg west of the river and Douglas east of the river.

on the east, 135

on the south, it extends to the edge of the Scool District

and on the west, by Meridian Ave

District 4 Schools

The following public schools are in USD 259 District 4


Anderson, Cessna, Cleveland Magnet, Enders Magnet, Enterprise, Gardiner, Harry Street, Kelly, Linwood, Stanley, White, and Woodman


Hamilton, Truesdell


South, West